Funded Projects

The aim of DigiReady+ is to define a framework and develop a prototype of a tool to measure the digital readiness inicators for the particular higher education institution.

The DigiReady+ Tool wants to ensure the next key ideas:

  • The DigiReady+ tool, in the form of an institutional dashboard of digital readiness, can be used by HEI’s stakeholders to provide information regarding potential issues and risks in the process of designing from scratch or adapting existing curricula to meet the needs of transitioning to digitally enhanced learning and teaching.
  • The learning analytics infrastructure for supporting HEI’s students at risk of dropping out or failing their studies will provide data-based insights to policymakers with respect to strategic planning.
  • The DigiReady+ Open-source Tool and the related Application ProgrammingInterfaces (API) provided by the project will allow, if necessary, the interested HEIs to further expand and customize the use of the framework and the associated analytics to their own needs and special conditions.

The Knowledge Repository will enable all stakeholders to take advantage of best practices, training materials, datasets, etc. developed throughout the project. It will also allow stakeholders of the participating organizations and other interested HEIs to further enrich such knowledge based on the use of the framework and the associated set of indicators and the toolkit in new scenarios.


augMentor aims to develop a novel pedagogical framework that promotes basic skills and 21st century competencies by integrating emerging technologies.

The development of personalized and collaborative learning and the achievement of higher-order thinking skills – the so-called 21st century competencies – is still nowadays a significant challenge. At the same time, it is of great interest to understand how learners work, how educators orchestrate their classrooms, and what information they have access to in order to adapt/enhance/improve their orchestration.
Emerging technologies have the potential to propel the change from an instructional teaching paradigm, that favors mass instruction, to a learner-centered paradigm, that promotes the development of new roles for both the teacher and the learner. However, their acceptability and adoption are still slow mainly due to fragmented approaches. Importantly, in order to ensure quality education it is mandatory to address unexpected emergencies and disruptive events that may undermine the human and social dimensions of learning. 

augMENTOR adopts an augmented intelligence approach, where people and machines work together, building on their own strengths, to develop customized and collaborative learning paths that promote both basic and 21st century competencies as well as design thinking and creativity. augMENTOR will leverage advancements in the fields of Pedagogical Design, Creative Pedagogy, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for instructional purposes.